Characteristics of rotary dehumidifier

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Large dehumidification capacity
The moisture-absorbing rotors are all honeycomb-shaped small channels and have a large specific surface area per unit volume, so they have the advantage of large dehumidification capacity.
2. It is easier to obtain ultra-low humidity dry air
It can continuously provide low-humidity dry air with a relative humidity ≤40% that cannot be achieved by freezing and dehumidification.
3. Can obtain low dew point dry air with ultra-low dew point temperature ≤-70 ℃
Combined with the cooling system, it can get any dry air with ultra-low dew point temperature.
4. Dehumidification performance is particularly significant in low-temperature and low-humidity environments
Due to the chemical characteristics of silica gel and molecular sieve hygroscopic agent, when the inlet air temperature is lower, the partial pressure of water vapor on the surface decreases, thereby increasing the dehumidification efficiency. Therefore, the dehumidification effect is particularly significant under low temperature and low humidity conditions.
5. Long service life and outstanding durability
Since the main materials of the runner are all inorganic components, and the silica gel, molecular sieve hygroscopic agent and inorganic carrier are chemically reacted, the hygroscopic agent will not escape with the wind, and no additional is needed. Therefore, the physical and chemical properties are stable, the moisture absorption performance does not decrease and deteriorate, and it can be continuously operated for many years.
6. Simple operation and management, low operating cost
Due to the reasonable structure of the equipment, automatic electrical control, few moving parts and slow speed, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the energy consumption is low.
7. Complete equipment model, perfect dehumidification function
Can meet the user's requirements of different environmental air control technical parameters, from the processing air volume of 200m3 / h to the processing air volume of 60,000m3 / h; from the relative humidity RH≤45% to the relative humidity RH≤1%; from the ultra-low dew point TL≤-30 ℃ to TL≤-70 ℃ can be selected.
8. Green environmental protection, pollution-free
Since the active silica gel and molecular sieve used by the runner are non-toxic and odorless green hygroscopic agents, they are safe, clean, environmentally friendly, free from dust during the use of the dehumidifier, and have no pollution, damage and corrosion to indoor operating staff and precision instruments. The treated dry air can be sterilized and disinfected, which is beneficial to the human body, medicine, and food, but not harmful.