Working principle of rotary dehumidifier

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The core component of the dehumidifier of the rotary dehumidifier is the dehumidification runner. It uses the hygroscopic characteristics of hygroscopic agents such as silica gel and molecular sieve to make honeycomb. When the humid air passes through the rotating 3/4 honeycomb holes, the moisture is absorbed by the hygroscopic agent. At the same time, at the other quarter, hot air is sent into the honeycomb hole in the opposite direction to remove the moisture absorbed by the hygroscopic agent. In this way, the runner rotates continuously to achieve the effect of continuous dehumidification.
According to the chemical characteristics of the rotor hygroscopic agent and the user's requirements for temperature and humidity control parameters, the rotor dehumidification and cooling and dehumidification are reasonable, accurate, and scientifically matched. The temperature and relative humidity of the treated dry air can be set and controlled.