Four Season Moveable Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier ZCY-1

ZCB series rotary dehumidifier air conditioner unit is a combination of precise dehumidification and refrigeration dehumidification. After processing the unit to cool down and dehumidify the inlet air, and then dehumidify the wheel in depth, the absolute moisture content of the processed air meets the design requirements, and then it is cooled down to the design temperature after the subsequent stage table cooling, so that the unit's outlet temperature and relative humidity All can meet the requirements of users and achieve the dehumidification effect of normal temperature and low humidity. When using the ZCB series rotary dehumidifier air conditioner unit, the user needs to provide chilled water with T≤7 ℃; or the refrigeration unit provided by our company to provide the corresponding cooling capacity load randomly.

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